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Wuxi Elegant Mannequin Co., Ltd was fund at 2012. With 2 years development, we grows rapidly, we have also formed our unique culture.

Working environment:
We installed the advanced dust collect system, makes our workshops much cleaner, with products and tool’s home management, our efficiency is very high. The workers are pleasant during everyday working.

Group spirit:
The first class when the employees come in Elegant Mannequin is the group sprit. Everyone is happy to help other, and can get help from others. Everyone develops in the group spirit; Elegant Mannequin develops in the group spirit.

High efficiency:
Every employee knows the importance of high efficiency, and get the habit of work in high efficiency. So the whole company works in high efficiency.

Value concept:
The company’s exist is not just to get benefit, the more important is the society value. We regard the best service is the first, to get benefit is the second. “Provide best product and good service, lower the client’s cost, make the clients easy to manager their company is our goal”. What we are doing is trying to make everyone satisfaction with our company!

To be Elegant People:
With the company's development, Elegant people form their unique style. Honest, high efficiency, carefully, etc. In Elegant Mannequin you can learn a lot, also you have the chance to use your knowledge and skill. You have enough space to develop, to make your dream become true.

Waste is a big enemy for every enterprise. We are trying to make every employee get the happy of saving. Everyone cherish their working harvest. We will spend what we need to use, but we will never waste even a cent.

Total quality control system:
Quality is such an important point for a company, concerning with company's existing and developing. So we try to use the total quality control system from our starting. From selecting suppliers, higher quality is first point to concern. And we check quality for all material and accessories. Every worker need to be strictly trained and tested before they start producing. Producing process optimization makes sure every product is in high quality. So that our customers will be satisfy with our every product, it is our goal and pleasure.

Elegant, Developing, Sincerity, Faith!

What we make is a product, but we regard it as an art, so every our employees are very strict on quality, on each product, on each process, to make every our product Elegant Mannequin.。

★ Developing

Trying to be the mannequin industry leader is our long term goal. Although we are still very small, but we have already start, and we have this big dream, we will make progress every day, keep going forward, until we achieve our goal. All what we can do is insist, keep going, work hard and learn every day, make progress every day!

★ Sincerity

The sincerity and promise for a company not just good quality, finish all the products on time is also very important. This 2 promise looks very simple, but to keep them is really not a easy thing for most company. So when we get the customer’s order, we will consider our ability, and our existing task’s condition, give a reasonable lead time. After the samples are confirmed and we get your order, all the members in the producing line, will try their best to finish their job on time, so the PO will be finished according to schedule. Sincerity of all members, makes the great sincerity of Elegant Mannequin.

★ Faith

We have some famous old saying in China, people will have hard time if they do not have faith, poverty is not a big problem to be worry about compare with unfair. Faith is such an important thing, not only for a nation, but also for a enterprise. Everyone wants to earn more money and have a better life, people of Elegant Mannequin believe that, real happy life is the award of diligent and hard working. Elegant mannequin will try our best to offer great value to the customer and society, will offer more equal chance for all members, have great career. Shocked by the famous philanthropist Sir Run Run Shaw died today at the age of 107 years old, 10 billions HK dollars of donation all over the world, remember the time that study at Yifu Scientific building, one of his donation, I have lot of thought. Probably, we will never be the great man like him, but we could always have our own thought and faith, learn hard and work hard every day, make progress every day, create good business and enjoy better life at Elegant Mannequin.

Elegant Mannequin

Jan, 2014

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