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Choosing Proper Mannequin, Double increase sales

Fashion displaying is very important for fashion industry. Mannequin looks like real person, and could be made in any special shape and color, is the most important way to display fashion. Elegant and high quality mannequin could easily increase the fashion’s valor, attract customer’s eyes, increase the sales.

Smooth surface and fine paint, some times is not noticeable, but rough surface and un-smooth seam could easily tell the customer that the fashion on the mannequin is cheap items. Apart from the quality, choose different mannequins to create a special scene, with proper color, matt or gloss, to match the cloth, could easily increase the fashion’s quality level, increase the customer’s purchase desire.

The size of the fashion for mannequin displaying is mostly bigger one, as taller mannequin will have better body shape, and could easily attract the customer’s eyes from far away. As different fashion has different styles, it’s better to tailor made mannequins, if you want to have your own unique style.

With many year’s developing, there are too many mannequin styles, choosing the right style and color is very important. For the suit and traditional cloth, normal pose and color are used mostly, like black, white and skin color. But for modern fashion for young adults, special pose with bright color are used some times, could easily shows their unique, and could usually get their target customer’s attention.

Mannequin base could also help to display the fashion, no matter using stainless steel, chrome plate or glass; mirror surface or satin finish surface, or in different color paint, it’s important to match the mannequin and fashion feature.

Usually, the designer and visual team will create a special scene, based on their own fashion feature and customer hobby, by choose different pose mannequins, with different heads, or realistic or abstract, even no head. In this way, the customer will love the fashion more and more. So some high end fashion companies are happy to spend a lot of money to hire professional designer and visuals, they will develop a set of new mannequins every 2 or 3 years, to make their shops always newest. With attracting more customer’s eyes, their sales also increase very much.


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